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ECUADOR, FARRA | Cup Score 85

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Tasting Notes
FARRA in Spanish, specifically in Latin America means "party", which truly describes this excellent coffee from Ecuador. Brewed well; the exceptional aroma fills your senses with joy, soon to be followed by the explosion of flavours resulting in a delicate, balanced, and clean cup with loads of fruity, berry-like tasting notes.

About FARRA:

Roast Level – Medium

Variety – Caturra
Preparation – Natural
Location – Loja Province, South of Ecuador
Altitude – 1600-1700m AMSL

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is processed at Loja province, south of Ecuador. Being a dry area, 90% of coffees produced are naturally processed. South of Ecuador contributes roughly 20% of the nation's coffee production, producing some of Ecuador's finest coffees being the oldest plantation area and of higher altitudes.

Ecuador's share is a mere 0.5% of the world coffee market due to challenges that face the coffee industry. Most of the coffees grown are Arabica and Robusta, hence emphasizing the rarity of these limited crops of Caturra at such fine qualities.